Lazarus ATP group armed with macOS hacking technology

Lazarus macOS hacking technology

The Lazarus ATP group, which experts often link to North Korea government, has been armed with new technology to hack macOS computers. K7 Computing Security Analyst Dinesh Devadoss discovered the first malware in the Lazarus arsenal to run in Mac memory. “Another #Lazarus #macOS #trojan.Contains code: Loads Mach-O from memory …

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Europol disabled more than 30 thousand pirated sites

Europol disabled pirated sites

As part of a joint operation conducted with the participation of law enforcement agencies from the EU and the USA, Europol disabled 30 506 pirated sites distributing counterfeit and unlicensed products. Domain names were used to sell various pirated products and services, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals and films, illegal streaming services, …

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Europol detained 79 people suspected of online fraud

Europol detained 79 online fraud

Europol, together with law enforcement agencies in several countries, detained 79 people suspected of online fraud with airline tickets. According to the Europol press service, on November 18-22 this year, at more than 200 airports around the world was held the twelfth international multidisciplinary operation Global Airline Action Days (GAAD). …

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WWW creator introduced “Contract for the Web” – the principles of protecting the Internet from manipulation and fake

Contract for the Web to Protect the Internet

The creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee introduced the “Network Contract” – an action plan to protect the Internet from political manipulation, fakes, privacy violations and other harmful influences. A “contract for the Web” requires governments, companies, and individuals to make specific commitments to protect the network from …

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