American technogiants prohibit employees from communication with colleagues from Huawei

A number of large technological companies have banned their employees from discussing technology and technological standards with colleagues from Chinese Huawei Technologies corporation.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his step is associated with the recent inclusion of Huawei in the “black” list of the US Department of Commerce, reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to the agency, Intel, Qualcomm, InterDigital Wireless and LG Uplus have informed their employees about the ban on informal communication with Huawei employees.

“Intel and Qualcomm said they have provided compliance instructions to employees, but declined to comment on them further. A spokesman for InterDigital said it has provided guidance to engineers to ensure the company is in compliance with U.S. regulations.An official with LG Uplus said the company is “voluntarily refraining from interacting with Huawei workers, other than meeting for network equipment installation or maintenance issues”, – clarified at Reuters.

As noted, such conversations are standard practice during international meetings and meetings where engineers discuss standards for communication technology.

On May 16 of this year, US Department of Commerce added Chinese technology giant to the list of companies with which US enterprises are prohibited from doing business without the approval of US authorities. The agency did not prohibit companies from contacting Huawei, however, Reuters writes, several companies decided to limit direct interaction with Huawei in order to avoid potential problems with the US government.

A little earlier, it became famous about prohibition of American corporation Facebook to pre-install its applications (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) on Huawei smartphones.

According to the news agency, owners of the already purchased devices will still be able to use applications and receive updates for them, but new Huawei smartphones will already be delivered without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


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