Twitter will postpone mass “cleaning” of the service from outdated pages

Twitter management has revised its decision to mass “clean” the social network of outdated pages. The reason is the numerous complaints from users about the inability to perpetuate the accounts of deceased people.

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecently, the Twitter administration began to send notifications to users who have not logged into their accounts for a long time about the need to log in before December 11.

Otherwise, all accounts whose owners have not logged into them over the past six months will be deleted, and user names will become free.

Deleting inactive accounts should have been a precaution designed to protect them from hacking.

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However, the company did not think about how to deal with the pages of deceased people whose relatives do not want to lose their memory. In this regard, the nonprofit organization Internet Archive even offered to perpetuate the memory of the dead by archiving their Twitter pages.

“ATTENTION USERS OF TWITTER. Did someone who know or know of make the huge mistake of dying before clicking through a 2019 Terms of Service for their twitter account? Do you want to honor their memory?”, — quite strange ironizes Internet Archive.

The management of the service immediately responded to the problem and promised to postpone the deletion of abandoned accounts until has been developed a way to perpetuate the memory of deceased relatives and friends.

Representatives of Twitter also clarified that the company has policies regarding inactive accounts, but they are not always applicable. In addition, the decision to delete accounts may violate the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Along with bringing policies in line with the GDPR, we can also expand the enforcement of our policies regarding inactive accounts in accordance with other laws in the countries of the world in order to ensure the integrity of the service. In this case, we will notify each of you”, – said Twitter representatives.

Other networks, such as Facebook, offer a process called “memorialisation,” in which verified family members or other loved ones can request a deceased user account that is stored on the network but frozen in time. Account interaction is limited to help prevent trolling and other abuses.

[box]Twitter said it would create such a tool.[/box]

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