DDoS Services Administrator Imprisoned

At the end of last week, the North Carolina District Court sentenced a criminal for DDoS attacks online. DDoS services administrator imprisoned.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]1-year-old Illinois resident Sergiy Usatyuk has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for a conspiracy that aimed attacking computers.

According to the case file, the young man and his accomplice from Canada created a number of online services that worked on the DDoS model as a service and managed them from August 2015 to November 2017.In the case arrive such names such as ExoStresser, QuezStresser, Betabooter, Databooter, Instabooter, Polystress and Zstress.

“Only in the first 13 months of operation, these services completed orders for 3,829,812 DDoS attacks. An advertising entry on the ExoStresser website dated September 12, 2017 says that this service initiated 1 367 610 DDoS attacks, resulting in 109 186 hours (4549 days) of downtime for victim networks”, – says the indictment.

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The accomplices made a profit not only from leasing the botnet and providing other DDoS services to subscribers, but also by advertising “shop colleagues”. During their illegal activities, entrepreneurs accumulated a total of $ 542,925 – at least, such an amount was found on Usatyuk’s accounts after his arrest. “Over the past five years, booter and stresser services have grown as an increasingly prevalent class of DDoS attack tools. Booter-based DDoS attack tools offer a low barrier to entry for users looking to engage in cybercrime”, — said indictment of the North Carolina District Court.

The court heard a statement of guilty plea at the end of February this year. Upon his release, the convict will spend three years under supervision. He also confiscated capital acquired in an unrighteous way.

Unfortunately, the closure of several DDoS services for an expanded shadow market is a drop in the bucket. Law enforcement agencies sometimes manage to jointly eliminate such services and bring to justice their operators or users, but competitors immediately occupy the vacant niche.

[box]Nevertheless, although it is difficult to limit this market to joint efforts, it is possible. According to the latest data, China has actively joined the general fight against DDoS on order, where the activity of tenants of specialized botnets is especially high.[/box]

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