Expert accused Intel-Flashpoint website in spread of malware while company denies accusations

Company Flashpoint grappled with independent expert in cybersecurity Dancho Danchev.

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]esearcher insists that company’s official website distributed malware programs.

“It appears that Flashpoint’s official Web site is currently embedded with malware-serving malicious script potentially exposing its visitors to a multi-tude of malicious software”, – Dancho Danchev wrote in his blog.

Company rejected conclusion that their official website that a source of malware, however, Flashpoint emphasized that on April 12-13 0-day vulnerability in WorldPress Yuzo Related Posts plugin could be used in the attacks.

Dancho Danchev, CyberCamp 2016

Dancho Danchev on CyberCamp 2016

Company explained, that in the website was inbuilt a script that redirects users with the activated JavaScript, on a side resource with a popup window that spread malware.

“Attack did not specially target Flashpoint. It was automatic attack that hacked out website and introduced vulnerability. No PII or customer information was breached, and our public-facing website is segregated from all other systems and production environments”, – reported Flashpoint.

Official Flashpoint website is temporary offline until all consequences will be fully eliminated.

Nevertheless, company emphasized that Dancho Danchev’s claim that Flashpoint intentionally infects visitors of official website with malware programs is not true.

Company argues:

«Flashpoint’s public-facing website is not and was never serving malware.»


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