Facebook applies in WhatsApp pass-through encryption method

Facebook is still implementing a way to bypass end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his will be not frank backdoor, but it will be special innovation able to satisfy requirements of authorities and special services. In particular, it will provide access to encrypted correspondence.

If we as an example conventional WhatsApp, Facebook sees such an implementation as follows: a content moderation function and algorithms for filtering according to the “black list” principle are built into the messenger.

These algorithms can be constantly updated from the central cloud service, however, they will be launched directly on the user’s device. As a result, each message will be scanned, and even encrypted – after decryption.

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Facebook even stressed that if a message violating the rule is found, a copy of it will be sent to the corporation’s server for further analysis.

“When edge content moderation flagged a post in an end-to-end encrypted conversation as a violation, the company needed to be able to access the unencrypted contents to further train its algorithms, which would likely require transmitting an unencrypted copy from the user’s device directly to Facebook without their approval”, — the Facebook company noted.

Thus, Facebook will completely solve the problem encryption bypassing, because the new model of the Internet giant involves embedding bypassing methods in the messenger itselfs.

However, no matter how much the company hides behind good intentions as dealing with content that violates the rules. Everyone understands that from innovations will benefit special services.

Will Cathcart

Will Cathcart

WhatsApp Vice President Will Cathcart made a statement regarding the introduction of a content moderation mechanism in messenger:

“We have not implemented such a [content filtering system – approx. Ed.], we do not plan to implement it, but if introduced, it would be obvious and noticeable. We understand the seriousness of ramifications of such practices, so we oppose them.”

[box]By the way, countries participating in the Five Eyes association require a backdoor to be implemented into encryption, with which correspondence in applications as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other instant messengers is protected from third parties.[/box]

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