IOS users fear Facebook monitors them through the camera

Facebook users for iOS found that the application quietly activates the camera on their devices while they flip through a feed or view photos on a social network and now fear that Facebook monitors them through the camera.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he user Joshua Maddux was the first who accidentally turned attention to the problem. In his Twitter video, he demonstrated that surveillance can be detected by working with Facebook for iOS: to do this, user should open a photo or video in full screen. When the application returns to its normal state after full-screen mode, it will slightly shift to the right and may be noticed that the iPhone camera is active and working for some reason in the background.

“Found a @facebook #security & #privacy issue. When the app is open it actively uses the camera. I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet”, — wrote Joshua Maddux on Twitter.

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This oddity immediately attracted the attention of other Facebook users, and many of them tried to reproduce the problem on their devices, but most failed. However, some users and journalists of The Next Web were still able to reproduce the bug, confirming Maddox’s information.

“Facebook app on iOS 13.2.2 opens my phone’s rear camera when I open a profile photo swipe down to return. Is this an app bug or an iOS bug?? ”, — question The Next Web journalists.

Maddox writes that he was able to repeat a bug on at least five different iPhones with the latest iOS 13.2.2 installed. On the iPhone running iOS 12, it was not possible to see the camera, but users say that this does not mean that it does not work.

Android users were not able to find anything similar on their devices.

To date, Facebook representatives have not yet commented on the situation. However, users and experts who drew attention to the situation, so far are inclined to conclude that the talking is about some kind of bug, but not about special spyware functionality of the application.

Numerous user experiences, meanwhile, helped to understand that for an error to occur, the user must allow the Facebook application to use the camera, and the iPhone must be running iOS 13.2.2.

Therefore, users are strongly advised to temporarily ban Facebook from using the camera and microphone of the device. Users can revise permissions in the settings: Privacy> Camera> Facebook and Privacy> Microphone> Facebook.[/box]

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