Huawei accuses US in cyberattacks and threats to company employees

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei accused US authorities of conducting cyberattacks to disrupt its business activities, as well as of using police to harass and intimidate its employees.

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] allegations were published on the official website of Huawei, however, it provided little evidence to support these claims.

“Over the past few months, the US government has strengthened its political and diplomatic influence to encourage other governments to ban Huawei equipment. In addition, it used all the tools at its disposal, including both judicial and administrative powers, as well as many other dishonest means to disrupt the normal business activities of Huawei and its partners”, – said the official statement.

According to company representatives, the list of US unlawful actions includes:

  1. threats from law enforcement officials in order to force former Huawei employees to speak out against the company and work for them,
  2. illegal search, detention and even arrest of employees and partners of Huawei,
  3. attempts to catch or impersonate employees of the company in order to create a legal reason for unfounded accusations,
  4. implementation of cyber attacks to penetrate the intranet and internal information systems,
  5. sending FBI agents to Huawei employees’ homes and putting pressure on them to collect company information,
  6. investigations based on false media reports, the initiation of old criminal cases, as well as attempts to recruit informants among employees applying for an American visa.

“The fact is that none of Huawei’s core technologies has been the subject of any criminal case against the company, and any of the allegations made by the US government has been supported by sufficient evidence”, – say Huawei representatives.

The company also condemns the malicious, concerted efforts of the US government to discredit Huawei and limit its leadership in the industry.

In May of this year, US President Donald Trump signed a decree introducing an emergency regime in the country. It prohibits American companies acquiring equipment from foreign manufacturers that pose a risk to US national security.

As a result, a number of large American corporations suspended cooperation with Huawei on the background of the latter being added to the “black” list of companies, the interaction with which should be limited or completely excluded.

[box]Huawei has also become a defendant in a number of international scandals.[/box]

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