Hacker’s group Lizard Squad attacks Labour Party

The notorious Lizard Squad group attacks the UK Labour Party and promises to continue what they started.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he UK Labor Party’s digital platforms were hit by a powerful DDoS attack this week.

During DDoS attacks, cybercriminals send huge amounts of web traffic to a single website or online service that causes its crash.

Jeremy Corbin

Jeremy Corbyn

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn described the attack as “complex and large-scale,” however, according to the press service of the Labour Party, it was unsuccessful, thanks to a “reliable security system.”

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Following the attack, Lizard Squad participants said they had a botnet at their disposal for large-scale DDoS attacks. According to them, the attack on the British Labour Party is politically motivated.

“Today’s DDoS attack on the Labour Party is a demonstration that a government supporting terrorists cannot rule the country”, – The Independent quoted cybercriminals’ saying.

According to Lizard Squad, Corbyn’s personal accounts were also compromised.

“If Labour Party do win the election, you can expect the whole of the government and Labour websites to go offline, Jeremy Corbyn’s family members’ personal accounts have been compromised and their home internet is under a DDoS attack as we speak”, – said the member of Lizard Squad, who shared screenshots appearing to show a botnet tool used to carry out the DDoS attacks.

According to Mimecast security researcher Jonathan Miles, shortly before the attack, Lizard Squad actively advertised their custom DDoS attack service on Twitter. Perhaps the attack on the Labour Party was custom-made, Miles said. Immediately after the incident, the former head of the Government Communications Center, Brian Lord, suggested that the responsibility lay with him on a hostile state. Representatives of the party itself refuse to make any assumptions about the origin and motives of the attacks.

[box]A Labour Party spokesperson said the Party did not wish to speculate on the motives or origins of the attack, adding that they had not previously heard of Lizard Squad. Labour leader previously said that attacks against a political party made him “suspicious” and “very nervous” about the upcoming general election.[/box]

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