British politician Ben Bradshaw claims to be a victim of Russian cyberattack

Russian cyberattack on British politician: British Labor MP Ben Bradshaw, known for criticizing the Russian government, claims to be the victim of a phishing attack.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to the politician, he received an email allegedly from Russia containing complex malware, as reported the Guardian newspaper.

Bradshaw – who has repeatedly raised the subject of Kremlin interference in British politics, including in the EU referendum – received the email at his election gmail address. The sender – “Andrei” – claimed he was a whistleblower from inside Vladimir Putin’s presidential administration”, — writes The Guardian.

The letter contained several genuine-looking documents with information about the fake news creation unit in Russia. However, two documents were infected with malicious code.

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw

“The letter came to my Gmail account, which is more vulnerable than parliamentary. The information in the letter was potentially very useful and politically important. It was correctly composed so as not to arouse suspicion”, – said Bradshaw.

According to the publication, the letter was written in good English and included several translations of the original Russian documents. The message itself was sent from an anonymous account in ProtonMail.

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After receiving the letter, Bradshaw turned for help to information security experts who confirmed that the files were indeed suspicious. The politician then reported on the incident to the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC).

According to experts, the attack was a technically difficult on and its main goal was a British politician.

“The NCSC works closely with political parties, local authorities and individuals and offers them access to the best cybersecurity guidance and support. We were recently contacted by Mr Bradshaw and are currently looking at the information we have received”, — в NCSC confirmed to the The Guardian investigation of the cyber espionage incident.

[box]Bradshaw said the suspected cyber-attack was further confirmation that Moscow was seeking to influence British politics. He condemned Boris Johnson’s refusal to publish the intelligence and security committee’s report on Moscow interference and said the prime minister had yet to come clean on his links with wealthy Russians living in the UK.[/box]

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