Linus Torvalds is not concerned about Microsoft’s desire to control Linux

Linus Torvalds and other key Linux kernel developers are not particularly concerned about Microsoft, which IT experts are trying to control Linux.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to Torvalds, the very essence of Linux with its open source code and GPL2 license will not allow a third-party company to influence it.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds

“All this confrontation with Microsoft was once funny – a joke, but today things are a little different. We have become more friendly. I communicate with Microsoft developers at various conferences, and it seems to me that they have changed a lot – the developers are now happy. They like to work on Linux. So I completely reject all these sentiments against Microsoft”, – said Torvalds at the Linux Plumbers Conference.

However, the creator of the Linux kernel does not exclude the possibility that at some points Microsoft’s opinion may diverge from that of the Linux community, but this is quite normal. The main thing that a corporation from Redmond should understand is that if you work with Linux, you will have to interact with the community and go through an established development process.

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On Linux, “Microsoft, as a rule, focuses mainly on Azure and does everything to make Linux work well for them,” Linus Torvalds explained.

In the report on the status of the Linux kernel in 2017, the following companies were featured: Intel, Red Hat, Linaro, IBM, Samsung, SUSE and Google. Each of them has its own interest, and each is trying to do with Linux what they can. At the same time, there are unpaid volunteers – 8.2 percent in 2017, which work on Linux and are important for company policy. However, the core is mainly the work of corporate developers.

James Bottomley, an IBM Research engineer and lead Linux kernel developer, believes Microsoft is going through the same process as all other enterprise Linux developers.

James Bottomley

James Bottomley

“This is a thread that runs through Linux. You can’t work on the kernel to your own proprietary advantage. A lot of companies, as they came in with the proprietary business mode,l assumed they could. They have to be persuaded that, if you want something in Linux, that will assist your business – absolutely fine. But it has to go through an open development process. And if someone else finds it useful, you end up cooperating or collaborating with them to produce this feature”, — explains James Bottomley.

[box]Last week, Linus Torvalds finally approved the introduction of a new security feature in the Linux kernel. The innovation received the name “lockdown“. The new feature will be introduced through LSM (Linux Security Module – a framework that allows the Linux kernel to support various security models) in the Linux kernel under number 5.4, which will be released very soon.[/box]

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