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Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp and urged users to remove the messenger

Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp

Telegram developer Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp for numerous backdoors and vulnerabilities and urged users to remove the messenger. Earlier this week, it was reported that the WhatsApp messenger recently fixed a critical error that could allow attackers to remotely compromise a device and steal protected chat messages and files. The …

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Scientists have found a way to trick Alexa and Siri with a laser

Trick Alexa and Siri with a laser

A team of specialists from Tokyo University of Telecommunications (Japan) and the University of Michigan (USA) have developed a method that allows sending voice commands to digital assistants with the use of a laser. Alexa and Siri can now be tricked with a laser. Scientists call this fantastic vulnerability “Light …

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Apple urged iPhone 5 owners immediately update iOS

Apple update iOS in iPhone 5

Apple representatives notified iPhone 5 users that they need to update the installed operating system: iPhone owners are urged to update iOS before November 3. If the owners of these devices do not install the iOS update before November 3, they will not be able to work with iCloud and …

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Steve Wozniak suggested Apple split into several companies

Wozniak suggested Apple split

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, is always very frank and never was skimp on criticisms of world-famous IT personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others. Quite often, Steve Wozniak criticizes the native Apple. In an interview this week, Bloomberg suggested Apple split into several companies. It should be …

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Chrome, Safari and Firefox will block Kazakhstani digital certificates

Chrome blocks Kazakh certificates

On Wednesday, August 21, Google, Apple and Mozilla announced intention to implement in their browsers a blocking of digital certificates issued by the certifying center of Kazakhstan. In July, residents of Kazakhstan were ordered to install on all gadgets with Internet access a state security certificate that allows law enforcement …

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Microsoft contractors listen to some Skype user conversations

Microsoft contractors listen to some Skype user conversations

At the disposal of Vice Motherboard’s editorial board arrived documents, screenshots and audio recordings indicating that Microsoft contractors are listening to private conversations of Skype users, if they are conducted through the built-in translator of the application. And although there really is a warning on the Skype website that the …

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Apple and Google employees and contractors will no longer listen to conversations with voice assistants

Apple and Google will no longer listen to conversations with voice assistants

Last month, media convicted Amazon, Apple, and Google of storing and transmitting recordings of users’ conversations with voice assistants for by employees or third-party contractor. Thus, experts will understand the nuances of different languages and accents, transcribe individual fragments of conversations, and thereby help to train assistants and improve the …

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