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Facebook applies in WhatsApp pass-through encryption method

FB applies in WhatsApp pass-through encryption method

Facebook is still implementing a way to bypass end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp. This will be not frank backdoor, but it will be special innovation able to satisfy requirements of authorities and special services. In particular, it will provide access to encrypted correspondence. If we as an example conventional WhatsApp, Facebook …

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US Attorney General: People must accept backdoors in encryption

US Attorney General William Barr

US Attorney General William Barr said that users must accept the risks of backdoor integration and accept it. According to Barr, access of security services to encrypted correspondence is by far more important than personal cybersecurity risks. Barr stated this in a New York speech, at the same time calling …

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Facebook developed tool for tracking fakes and misinformation

big brother

However, this tool used only to suppress negative data about Facebook itself. Facebook is not just concerned about the spread of fake news, conspiracy theories and malicious content on their social platforms. The company is also worried about various negative rumors about the social network itself. According to the Bloomberg …

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