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WWW creator introduced “Contract for the Web” – the principles of protecting the Internet from manipulation and fake

Contract for the Web to Protect the Internet

The creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee introduced the “Network Contract” – an action plan to protect the Internet from political manipulation, fakes, privacy violations and other harmful influences. A “contract for the Web” requires governments, companies, and individuals to make specific commitments to protect the network from …

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Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp and urged users to remove the messenger

Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp

Telegram developer Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp for numerous backdoors and vulnerabilities and urged users to remove the messenger. Earlier this week, it was reported that the WhatsApp messenger recently fixed a critical error that could allow attackers to remotely compromise a device and steal protected chat messages and files. The …

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Scientists have found a way to trick Alexa and Siri with a laser

Trick Alexa and Siri with a laser

A team of specialists from Tokyo University of Telecommunications (Japan) and the University of Michigan (USA) have developed a method that allows sending voice commands to digital assistants with the use of a laser. Alexa and Siri can now be tricked with a laser. Scientists call this fantastic vulnerability “Light …

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Thai government equates criticism of authorities with fake news

Authorities criticism = fake news

On Friday, Thai authorities opened a center of state control over a “wide range of online content.” The country’s prime minister equated public criticism of the government, the military, or the royal family with cybercrime. Criticism of power is now considered to be fake news. Thai government officials believe that …

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DDoS attack disrupts Amazon Web Services for eight hours

DDOS on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services customers suffered from DDoS attack that crashed several cloud services at once. Infrastructure problems continued for eight hours. According to company representatives, the main target of the attackers was the Router 53 DNS service. AWS clients use it to direct visitors to their web applications. A flurry …

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