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IOS users fear Facebook monitors them through the camera

Facebook monitors users through the camera

Facebook users for iOS found that the application quietly activates the camera on their devices while they flip through a feed or view photos on a social network and now fear that Facebook monitors them through the camera. The user Joshua Maddux was the first who accidentally turned attention to …

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Apple fixed dozens of bugs in its OS

Apple fixed bugs in its OS

Apple developers have released a series of updates for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, so the company fixed dozens of bugs in their OS. Users received additional protection against attempts to steal private data, attacks with the execution of third-party code, and other threats. “Apple is caught in something of an …

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Apple urged iPhone 5 owners immediately update iOS

Apple update iOS in iPhone 5

Apple representatives notified iPhone 5 users that they need to update the installed operating system: iPhone owners are urged to update iOS before November 3. If the owners of these devices do not install the iOS update before November 3, they will not be able to work with iCloud and …

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Satya Nadella: Windows is no longer a priority for Microsoft

Windows is not a priority for Microsoft

For a while has been circulating information that the Windows operating system, which is one of the most well-known Microsoft products, is no longer a priority business for the company. At the beginning of 2018, was carried out a reorganization, which implied the division of the direction of Windows into …

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Chinese government sponsored cybercriminals attack on Dalai Lama office

Cybercriminals attacked the Dalai Lama office

Citizen Lab specialists discovered a new targeted cybercriminal campaign aimed at owners of iOS and Android devices. Cybercriminals attacked Tibetans, including those who works in the Dalai Lama’s office. A hacker group that researchers called Poison Carp sent malicious links to the victims using the WhatsApp messenger. After clicking on …

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Stegoware-3PC malware attacks iOS users through fake ads


Researchers found a large-scale fishing campaign, designed for iPhone and iPad owners. Conducting attacks on the supply chain, attackers are introducing fake advertising on sites that redirect visitors to pages that request personal data. An investigation into TMT Digital revealed that at least five publishers of advertising content (owners of …

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