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Chrome, Safari and Firefox will block Kazakhstani digital certificates

Chrome blocks Kazakh certificates

On Wednesday, August 21, Google, Apple and Mozilla announced intention to implement in their browsers a blocking of digital certificates issued by the certifying center of Kazakhstan. In July, residents of Kazakhstan were ordered to install on all gadgets with Internet access a state security certificate that allows law enforcement …

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Mozilla blocked DarkMatter’s certificates in Firefox

Mozilla Office

Mozilla certification authority manager Wayne Thayer made a formal Mozilla rejection statement to include DarkMatter root certificates in the root storage of the Firefox browser. DarkMatter accused of providing surveillance and hacking services to repressive regimes in the Middle East. “The rationale for distrust is that multiple sources have provided …

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Critical vulnerability in Firefox actively used in targeted attacks

firefox vulnerability

Few days ago Mozilla has released a minor update to the Firefox browser. It turned out that this patch was intended to eliminate the critical vulnerability, which is actively exploited by attackers in targeted real-world attacks. The vulnerability got an identifier CVE-2019-11707, its essence is described by experts as “the …

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Firefox now by default blocks all third-party advertising trackers

Dave Camp

Mozilla introduced a new policy aimed combating various web trackers, which in the abundance found in entire Network. Since now, any downloaded version of Firefox will automatically block cookies used by advertisers to track your every step on the Internet. While Zuckerberg and Microsoft are only talking about user privacy, …

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