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IOS users fear Facebook monitors them through the camera

Facebook monitors users through the camera

Facebook users for iOS found that the application quietly activates the camera on their devices while they flip through a feed or view photos on a social network and now fear that Facebook monitors them through the camera. The user Joshua Maddux was the first who accidentally turned attention to …

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FBI suspects Twitter employees of spying for Saudi Arabia

FBI suspects Twitter employee

The FBI suspects two Twitter employees of transmitting to the Saudi authorities private data. Insiders got access to thousands of profile owners, which posted criticism of the Saudi authorities. The materials mention three citizens of the kingdom: Ali Alzabarah, Ahmad Abouammo and Ahmed Almutairi. The first two worked on Twitter, …

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Thai government equates criticism of authorities with fake news

Authorities criticism = fake news

On Friday, Thai authorities opened a center of state control over a “wide range of online content.” The country’s prime minister equated public criticism of the government, the military, or the royal family with cybercrime. Criticism of power is now considered to be fake news. Thai government officials believe that …

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Police Detain Information Security Expert Javier Smaldone for Hacking Due to Tweet About Government Leakage

Police detained Javier Smaldone

In Argentina, police detained famous security researcher Javier Smaldone and ransacked his apartment. Javier Smaldone is suspected of hacking into government computer systems and stealing confidential documents, but the researcher himself has a different theory. “Smaldone claimed the entire affair was a witch-hunt, describing his arrest and raid as “political …

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AT&T website quietly redirected Pentesters to the FBI website

AT&T redirected Pentesters to the FBI

An information security specialist under the pseudonym Nux and included in ThugCrowd, told ZDNet about the strange joke of the developers of the AT&T website. They redirected the Pentesters to the FBI website. The specialist was looking for bugs on erate.att.com, which is used by educational institutions and libraries to …

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Chinese government sponsored cybercriminals attack on Dalai Lama office

Cybercriminals attacked the Dalai Lama office

Citizen Lab specialists discovered a new targeted cybercriminal campaign aimed at owners of iOS and Android devices. Cybercriminals attacked Tibetans, including those who works in the Dalai Lama’s office. A hacker group that researchers called Poison Carp sent malicious links to the victims using the WhatsApp messenger. After clicking on …

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Attackers hacked of Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey's Twitter hacked

Last weekend, Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter, was hacked. Having compromised the account, the attackers began to publish offensive and racist content on behalf of Dorsey, and even claimed that a bomb was planted at the company’s headquarters (such threats can hardly be called a …

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