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Police Detain Information Security Expert Javier Smaldone for Hacking Due to Tweet About Government Leakage

Police detained Javier Smaldone

In Argentina, police detained famous security researcher Javier Smaldone and ransacked his apartment. Javier Smaldone is suspected of hacking into government computer systems and stealing confidential documents, but the researcher himself has a different theory. “Smaldone claimed the entire affair was a witch-hunt, describing his arrest and raid as “political …

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Linux developers want to protect the kernel from user processes

Linux want to protect the kernel

Linux developers have added a kernel isolation module to the operating system that eliminates user-level access to key parts of the code. Linux experts want to protect the kernel from user processes. Discussions about the need for such a function were conducted for several years, and the creators of the …

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AT&T website quietly redirected Pentesters to the FBI website

AT&T redirected Pentesters to the FBI

An information security specialist under the pseudonym Nux and included in ThugCrowd, told ZDNet about the strange joke of the developers of the AT&T website. They redirected the Pentesters to the FBI website. The specialist was looking for bugs on erate.att.com, which is used by educational institutions and libraries to …

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