How to distinguish fakes on the Internet

Word “fake” in relation to news became an intrinsic part of our life now. Fake news is false information, deception, “fried fact”, “newspaper duck”.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ake news existed prior to era of digital media, but their scale was by far smaller.

It will go not about official, authorities-forces lie and propaganda that are sins of such states as Russia or China, but about Internet-born fakes: online media, news aggregators, “news’ dumps”, in blogs and in social networks communities.

Perhaps you saw cases when well-known and respectable people shared and commented fake news. You can also confess that were caught by bright headings yourself. Take a rule to check credibility of information that you are going to share in social networks or blogs.

fake quote by albert einstein

Fake Quote by Albert Einstein )))

Let us speak about distinguishing fakes in the Internet. Rules for it are mostly famous, but many people do not follow even these common sense rules.

However, signs of a fake are quite easy:

1. Every media publishes source of information. Media that do not publish links cannot be considered media at all.

2. If you read any news the interested you in social networks and source was not indicated, please copy and search this new via any searching engine. If in results you will see social networks only, there is high possibility that it is a fake. Serious media sources have by far higher ratings than “news’ dumps” and blogs, so, if a news passed there, it would be on the top of a list.

3. Link may be on a periodical on other language. In this case, read an original article and compare with the translation, it may have serious distortions. If you do not know language so well, you can make automatized translation with Google that will give you at least general impression.

4. In social networks you can often see screenshots with celebrities’ Tweets and posts. If there is no link on the text, you may search for it as it is possibly a fake. In such a way may fakes are spread, at the same time it may be very funny to watch the people in a discussion with righteous anger, discussing what this person did not declare.

Obviously, it is easy to make Tweet’s screenshot, erase initial text and write any nonsense: many people will share it without minding that it may be a fake.

In addition, if during the search of some post nothing found at all, it is a strong sign that this post does not exist but emerged as a fake picture.

5. In complicated cases is cited someone’s saying that was heard on TV or radio, so source cannot be found. So, you should evaluate how much you trust person that made a citation.

Finally, the most important recommendation. Always be critical to information that surprised or infuriated you so much that you are ready to discuss it. There is a bulk of fakes, and their spread is reckless and harmful activity.

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